The Best Canadian Online Casino Games

For all Canadians, finding the Best Canadian Online Casino Games is a task that should not be taken lightly. There are Flaghundreds of different Online Casino Games to play and finding one that suits you is going to be very difficult. This is why we here at have put together a list of games that we think you the gambler, will enjoy the most and why.


Right at the top of our list of the Best Canadian Online Casino Games are the wonderfully varied Online Slots. There are well over five hundred different forms of Slots Machines including 3 Reel, 5 Reel, Video Slot Machines, Classic Slots, Progressive Slots and even Interactive Slots. They are unbelievably easy to play and they enjoy such a widespread and loyal following due to the fact that they have made more instant millionaires than all the other Casino Games combined.


If you are looking for an Online Casino Games that is easy to play simple to understand and quick to learn, then Online Roulette is it. For that reason, it makes it on to our list and the fact that like Canada, Roulette shares a heritage with France. It is also a game that is capable of making you obscene amounts of money, if you play it properly and the best place to learn how to play it properly and effectively is at the Canadian Online Casinos listed on this site.


Online Baccarat is the one Casino Game with the lowest house edge. If you combine that with the fact that it is virtually impossible to lose a Baccarat game – if it is played properly, and you have the makings of one of the Best Canadian Online Casino Games which is why it makes it, not only on to our list, but puts it so near the top of that list as well.


No list of the Best Canadian Online Casino Games would be complete without adding Blackjack to it. This is a game that enjoys worldwide recognition. In fact, it is widely regarded as the second most played Casino Game behind Slots which gives it an edge over the likes of Poker. Blackjack is easy to play, but unlike Slots, it can still be extremely enjoyable. There is a lot to be said about planning betting strategies and implementing playing techniques which work properly, especially when your chip count just keeps on rising.


As the new, up and coming Online Casino Game, Poker makes it on to our list because of the sudden popularity it seems to be enjoying. Movies like James Bond and tournaments like the World Series of Poker have turned Poker from an innocent Saturday night pastime into one of the most visually interactive Casino Games in the world, an accolade that has helped it to be included in our list of the Best Canadian Online Casino Games.